Monday, April 25, 2011

The forgotten Kurtzman

Before MAD creator Harvey Kurtzman edited HELP! Magazine for James Warren, he did this issue of FAVORITE WESTERNS OF FILMLAND, in 1960. The explanation is here:



Edited by Harvey Kurtzman, his first job for Warren, under the pseudonym of Remuda Charlie Stringer. This was a combination of humorously captioned photos and reasonably straight articles on movie or TV Westerns in the Famous Monsters vein. Kurtzman presumably wrote the bulk of the material. This was the second magazine put out by Warren Publications.

This is part 1, and part 2 will be this Thursday. Tie your cayuses to the hitching post, pards, drop into the Long Branch for a whiskey and a little slap and tickle with Miss Kitty, and we’ll see you in a couple of days.

My thanks to Dregs for posting this issue online.

Copyright © 1960 Warren Publications, Inc.


  1. I recently asked Mark Evanier and Todd Klein about who had done the title lettering on the articles in the early Warren magazines. They agreed that it was Ben Oda. Mark added that some may have been done by others, trying to match the style Oda had established.

    This magazine has some fun lettering.

  2. It only took me a few seconds to find the boo-boo: the men, as is usual in a western TV show or movie, are wearing their holsters backwards. Real gunfighters wore their guns in just the opposite way, so that they could reach across their body, grab their gun and draw.


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