Thursday, May 12, 2011

Gil Elvgren's pricey beauties

Gil Elvgren's original paintings, featuring his pin-ups and calendar girls, are icons in the field of glamor illustration. These paintings were sold by Heritage Auctions; I've included the winning bid prices below the painting.

I've also reduced the size of the Heritage scans to 2000 pixels wide, still big enough to study Elvgren's techniques.

Gillette "Gil" Elvgren was born in 1914 and died in 1980.

Scans copyright © Heritage Auctions.

"Barbecutie" ("Rare Treat"),1964. $55,268.00

"Beat That," 1953. $53,775.00

"Curving Around" ("Sharp Curves"), 1960. $83,650.00

"Denise ("Purr-ty Pair") , 1960. $119,500.00

"Fascination," 1952. $262,900.00

"Gay Nymph," 1947. $286,800.00

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  1. A wonderful collection of history. Thanks for sharing these originals and the prices. Gives you a great appreciation for Elvgren's works.


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