Friday, September 20, 2013

Pulp heroes of the '30s re-packaged in the '60s

I had an idea to inventory my thousands of paperback books by scanning them and posting them. It became apparent early on it is a time-consuming project, and I abandoned it, but not before I did scans of many of my books. The books shown here are grouped into reprints of 1930's pulp magazine heroes, re-packaged in the '60s.

I have Doc Savage Bantam editions, all of the first 20 with the exception of number 19. These are all first printings but MAN OF BRONZE, which is a second print. I succumbed to the temptation to take a generally ragged cover and using digital editing make it look new. Once again, time-consuming. To sweeten it I have also scanned the cover of ILLUSTRATION magazine's issue on artist James Bama, and his original painting of model Steve Holland as Doc.

The Shadow returned in the '60s, and with some new stories. RETURN OF THE SHADOW, by original Shadow author Walter B. Gibson, is from 1963. The other books are from a fiction factory run by Lyle Kenyon Engel, not by Gibson, and span 1965-67.

The Corinth/Regency paperback line was a line of erotic, semi-pornographic books, many of them written by famous authors under pen-names. Because of its usual product, this line of pulp reprints had trouble finding distribution in normal channels. These books were all published in 1966.

The Spider was another pulp hero who has popped up in several different series over the years. When this series came out in 1969 books one and two were packaged together.

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