Monday, October 20, 2014

DRAG Cartoons Number One — 1963 — Pete Millar, Russ Manning, Warren Tufts

Cartoonist Pete Millar developed CARtoons for Peterson Publishing, and after a while left and started his own publishing company. Millar’s distinctive art style, witty stories and parodies were perfect for a large audience of Baby Boomer adolescent males, for whom cars and girls (not necessarily in that order) were their passions.

Millar died in 2003; Warren Tufts and Russ Manning (signing his stories Russell George) are also deceased, in 1982 and 1981 respectively. With the exception of Millar they were part of a group of Gold Key's West Coast comic book artists, including Alex Toth, who contributed at times to Millar's magazines. His hybrid humor was a cross between MAD, HELP! and comic books.

I found these scans of the entire issue of DRAG Cartoons #1, cover dated June-July 1963, online, thanks to the work of an unknown scanner. I would like to send out my appreciation to the person who made this available to me, and in turn to my readers.

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Copyright © 1963 Millar Publishing Co.

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