Monday, April 13, 2015

BUCK ROGERS — Sunday comic strips 1931 "Marooned on Venus" — complete sequence

These fine looking Buck Rogers Sunday comic strips, originally published from December 7, 1930 to July 12, 1931, are from the Internet Archive. As explained in the Wikipedia entry, Buck Rogers:
"On March 30, 1930, a Sunday strip joined the Buck Rogers daily strip. There was, as yet, no established convention for the same character having different adventures in the Sunday strip and the daily strip (many newspapers carried one but not the other), so the Sunday strip at first followed the adventures of Buck's young friend Buddy Deering, Wilma Deering's younger brother, and Buddy's girlfriend Alura, later joined by Black Barney. It was some time before Buck made his first appearance in a Sunday strip. Other prominent characters in the strip included Dr. Huer, who punctuated his speech with the exclamation, "Heh!", the villainous Killer Kane, his paramour Ardala and Black Barney, who began as a space pirate but later became Buck's friend and ally."

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