Monday, July 27, 2015

Al Capp's FEARLESS FOSDICK — "The Atom Bum!” — complete story

Fearless Fosdick, Al Capp's take on Chester Gould's Dick Tracy (much to Gould's displeasure), was an underpaid, overworked and over-shot-up policeman, whose devotion to duty is even greater than his devotion to his long-time girlfriend, Prudence Pimpleton.

The book, FEARLESS FOSDICK...HIS LIFE AND DEATHS, is a compilation of stories, reformatted from newspaper comic strips into comic book pages, and sold as a trade paperback book in 1956. That way the publisher could sell a black and white "comic book" in a more deluxe format for $1.00 instead of the usual comic book price of 10¢. This is story number one from the book.

David Miller gets credit for the sharp photocopies, which I scanned. Thank you, David!

Copyright © 1956 Simon and Schuster

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