Monday, August 24, 2015

MAD imitation — FROM HERE TO INSANITY #1, 1957 — from Charlton

Charlton joined the MAD Magazine imitators with FROM HERE TO INSANITY, published in 1957. No credits are given, but contributions from Bill Ward, Steve Ditko and Basil Wolverton can be found within its pages.

Like MAD, FROM HERE TO INSANITY was once a comic book. It was called EH! DIG THIS CRAZY COMIC for seven issues, before changing its name. The original EH!/FROM HERE TO INSANITY comic book series ended with issue number 12, and the magazine format began as a fresh number 1. To add to its history, it is sub-titled CRAZY, MAN, CRAZY, and that becomes its official title for two additional issues, then became THIS MAGAZINE IS CRAZY. None of these should be confused with Marvel's series, CRAZY.

I found this on the Digital Comics Museum. Thanks to Deni, who uploaded it to the DCM site.

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