Monday, November 2, 2015

LOVE AND ROCKETS — Los Bros Hernandez — Issues #1-25 covers and graphic excellence

The incredible first series of LOVE AND ROCKETS by Los Bros Hernandez stand out for me as being some of the best drawn comics of the 1980s. That the Bros are talented storytellers is a given, but as impressed as I am by the interiors, I am amazed by the poster-like quality of many of their beautifully drawn covers.

These are the first 25 issues of their initial run, published by Fantagraphics Books. I have included the back covers, some of which are even more dramatic and striking than the front covers. Issue numbers 11-19 had Fantagraphics house ads.

Cover scans are Copyright © 1982-1987 by Fantagraphics Books.

Artwork Copyright © 1982-1987 by Jaime, Gilbert and Mario Hernandez

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