Monday, March 14, 2011

Cartoonists talk technique

"Solid Black To A Point," CARTOONIST AND COMIC ARTIST MAGAZINE Vol. 1 No. 8, Copyright © 1996 Yendie Boox Publishing, Inc.

"Zits by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman," CARTOONIST PROfiles No. 136, Copyright © 2002 CARTOONIST PROfiles, Inc.

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  1. HGE: No one, in the history of graphic illustration, comic book art, whatever; can make blacks as beautiful as Charles Burns. I have held him as the black master from the moment I first saw his work, and nothing has changed my mind. Such incredibly rich, lush work. I have always wondered what tools he used, and I guess I knew all along he used a Winsor Series 7. Really, along a brush gets those blacks. Also of interest is that he says he gets inspiration from 1950 sci- fi. I suspected that, too, or at least hoped it was true! Thanks so much for sharing.


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