Monday, February 21, 2011

Vampirella--and 1977--has come again

We're almost two months into 2011, but you can always use a calendar, can't you? It happens that this Warren calendar is still usable, because the dates in 1977 line up with this year.

It's almost like going back in time. Almost.

The calendar was scanned and put on line by DCP Wannabe. Thanks go to that person for making it available, so I can show it to you.

THE WARREN 1977 CALENDAR Copyright © 1976 Warren Publishing Co.


  1. Well, I finally made it to the new HGE party palace--- and just in time to dance with Vampirella too! I think I'm gonna like it here.

  2. Thanks for reminding me it's 1977 again.
    I have a 1977 Marvel Comics Memory Album.
    I've posted the cover, March and April at my
    flickr page.


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