Thursday, February 24, 2011

Willie and Joe Up Front

Bill Mauldin's Willie and Joe will forever be the image of the American combat infantryman in the European Theater during World War II.

These cartoons are from the book UP FRONT by Bill Mauldin. Copyright © 1945 Henry Holt and Company. Mauldin, born in 1921, had a long and successful career drawing editorial cartoons. He died in 2003.

The WILLIE AND JOE THE WWII YEARS collection is from Fantagraphics, and can be ordered through


  1. Your're a hard man to keep track of, my friend!

    If I had to pick one cartoonist whose draftsmanship is undervalued by the cartooning world, it would be Bill Mauldin. I have a collection of his work in book form, and I could, and often do, look at it for hours. Great post! "Let B Company go in. They ain't been kissed yet." God, just look at that cartoon!!

  2. "The problem with staying one step ahead of your enemies, is that it can also mean you're two steps ahead of your friends." Wise advice from HGE's dad. Glad you found me, Mykal.


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