Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome to Hairy Green Eyeball 3; Creepy comics to give you the creeps!

Thanks for visiting the third incarnation of the Hairy Green Eyeball blog. Past versions have been Hairy Green Eyeball (the original) and Hairy Green Eyeball 2. I'll be posting roughly twice a week.

First up for the new HGE is the first issue of CREEPY, published by Warren Publications in 1964. When I saw this on the stands originally I thought something new had happened, and it had. CREEPY and its later companion EERIE revolutionized comic books in the 1960s and '70s with good old fashioned black and white! Freed of the constraints of the Comics Code they were able to explore more adult themes, even as a great many comic book readers were becoming young adults.

From front to back CREEPY #1 was a showcase for some of the most gifted artists of the era: Williamson, Frazetta, Crandall, Morrow, Torres... Although it's been reprinted in various forms, this is scanned from my personal copy of CREEPY #1, bought with trembling fingers (and 35¢) on that long ago day in 1964.

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